The Contractor Support System contains a six module set of "best practices" solutions. It provides you with comprehensive business system strategies that are sure to improve the delivery of your service offerings and develop long-term customer relationships. These strategies include a highly professional and proven approach to sales, management and operational excellence.


It was designed for use by independent contractors to deliver quality, professional service to commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Businesses that use the Contractor Support System typically offer the following types of service:

  • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning maintenance and repair

  • Sheet metal installation, repair and retrofitting

  • Electrical installation and repair

  • Plumbing, piping, drain cleaning and excavating

Contractor services may also include air and water balancing, water treatment, energy-efficient retrofitting and indoor air quality monitoring for systems of all sizes and complexity. 


We provide you with access to ongoing sales, management and operational training which gives you an advantage over your competition.


Today's building owners and managers are more educated, highly sophisticated and demanding, which is why your customers, when offered an alternative, will select the professional standards of the Contractor Support System to provide innovative service solutions.


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