Review the subscriber agreement to determine the value of using the Contractor Support System in your company.


New Account Transition Support

The Contractor Support System is a self-implemented program to be incorporated into your organization at your own pace. After making your initial investment, you will be given access to a custom web site, designed for your company, where you can read and/or download and print any/all of the C.O.M. files.


Confidential Operating Manuals

Each contractor location will receive online access to a complete set of Confidential Operating Manuals; one each of Sales Management, Integrated Operations, Market Development, Personnel Recruitment, Logic Business Planning and Estimating for Profit. These modules are only available online through a custom web site with the use of a password protected profile after prior authorization.


Each module contains management practices and standards of operations for design and continued development of a contracting business. The Integrated Operations module also includes the online "Logic Business Planning" system.


Contractor Development Series shall be scheduled and provided at locations identified by CSS which include training for general management, sales management, operations management, dispatch management, service agreement sales, project sales, and customer service. These training services will be provided at a 25% discount. The Client shall be responsible for the training fees, as published, and all travel and living expenses incurred by its employees in connection with such training. Some training courses may be available online.


"On-Site" Classroom Training is available as requested or required by the Client, at Client's location. See Host a Training Event for associated costs.


Sales Literature and promotional concepts are provided by CSS.


Confidential Use of Information

Contractor Support System shall hold in confidence, any and all information relating to the Client, including client's customer lists, contracts, contract sale prices etc. However, it may use such information without identification of Client, in statistical analysis of performance. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the materials, sales information, audio visual material, promotional information and materials, forms, lists, agreements systems, operational programs, computer programs and manuals, as well as the content of the training programs and consulting services provided by Contractor Support System hereunder are the proprietary property of Contractor Support System and must be held in strictest confidence by the Client. The Client will not release, reveal, communicate or otherwise compromise any of the materials, training methods, program content, systems, or other information provided by Contractor Support System hereunder to any other person, firm, corporation, division or entity of any kind without the express written consent of Contractor Support System The Client will instruct its employees in the confidential nature of all such matters and will invoke rules and systems, as necessary, to insure that the confidentiality of the same is protected.