Sales Management


The most common mistake in setting sales objectives is lack of involvement on the part of the sales reps. They need to be included in the discussion to determine year-end projections as well as overall performance for the year. And they have to be monitored closely to maintain performance. How will they end up with their previously established goals? Are they on target? Or are they way off track? Is their compensation in line with their capabilities? How do you recognize over achievers? Are they still motivated or are they wandering? What do you do about under-achievers? How do you get them back into the sales arena? 


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Establishing a foundation for consistent sales accomplishments is very important. The best way known is to arm sales reps with a set of structured tools and prepare them to go out and meet their objectives with true professionalism. All sales reps need to be able to identify themselves with the company they represent. A structured selling system encourages enthusiasm, confidence, team spirit and high productivity. It will also provide principal owners and sales managers with answers to the above questions.  

Sales Group

In order to establish continuity of “best sales practices”, the Sales Management Module consists of a set of standards including the following:

  • Establishing Goals and Objectives

  • Managing & Tracking Sales Activity

  • Prospecting

  • Contact Management

  • Appointment Preparation

  • First Call Strategy

  • Qualifying Prospects

  • Authorization to Survey

  • Survey Preparation and Safety

  • Estimating

  • Financial Analysis Strategy

  • Verification Meetings

  • Proposal Presentation and Close

  • Booking New Sales

  • Plan & Review Meetings

As part of the "Introduction to HVAC - Preschool Sales " training, all sales reps are provided a complete set of selling tools to assist in accomplishing their primary goals: “Meet Sales Objectives”. A selling system gives sales reps, and the companies they work for, the edge against the competition in their communities. In addition, field coaching is an ongoing process that is just as important for monitoring veteran sales reps as it is for new hires. 


Sales Management Features


The Sales Management Module consists of basic selling practices and includes a complete training course for Sales Management as well as Pre-school training for reps unfamiliar with the HVAC industry. It also includes a data management system for tracking contacts, proposals and sales. 


The sales module focuses on specific areas such as:



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Basic Selling Skills


Contractor Support System relies on the five basic selling principles that are required to effectively qualify and close new prospects.


We call them the 5 A’s...

"The Habits of Selling"

  • Approach

  • Analysis

  • Active Demonstration

  • Answer Objections

  • Always Be Closing




Sales/Time Management

A true sales-professional knows how to make the best use of their time. They also know how to keep track of their sales efforts.

  • What are my sales goals and objectives?

  • How many proposals are required to meet my goal?

  • What should the dollar value be?

  • What is the closing ratio of quotes vs. sales?

  • What is the probability of closing percentage of each proposal?

  • What is the expected close date?

Contractor Support System provides the tools required to manage your sales. The ‘Quota Analysis’ provides the answers to meeting required sales goals. The ‘Prospect Activity Tracking’ system reflects your sales efforts and indicates whether or not you are on target with your sales plan.


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Cold Calling

Cold calling is viewed as a ‘last resort’ effort for prospecting new customers these days. However, it is a very important part of refining your sales skills as you develop your career. There are proper ways to cold call that net some results. These methods are reviewed in “Sales Initial Training”.


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By far the best method of prospecting is networking. This can include anything from customer referrals, to outside groups or committees, to in-house communication with other associates in your organization. This method of prospecting reduces the selling cycle because you already have initial interest.


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Telephone Skills

The prospects first impression of your company’s professionalism is received in the manner with which you use the telephone. You can be sure that if you are courteous and come across as enthusiastic yet sincere about your product or service, the likelihood of getting through to the right person is greatly improved.


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Appointment Setting

Having a list of answers to commonly used objections prepared before you call to make an appointment with a prospect is recommended. It is likely that you will be diverted several times before they agree to accept your proposition to provide them better products or services than they are already receiving. The objective is to get a face-to-face appointment, not to sell your product or service over the phone.


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Qualifying Techniques

The qualifying process is the most critical point in the selling cycle. It determines whether or not to continue developing a prospect or putting them in a follow up file.

Contractor Support System uses a ‘Call Strategy Checklist’ to prepare you for the first call. The ‘Qualifier Presentation’ is used to develop a ‘Client Profile’, which gets answers to questions that will enable you to determine whether or not to continue the selling cycle. Sometimes they just aren’t a qualified prospect and it’s time to move on.


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Survey Practices

How to Conduct Proper covered in the estimating lesson provided during ‘Sales Initial Training’. Contractor Support System also provides a ‘Performing Safe Surveys’ section in the ‘Maintenance Sales Review & Training Manual’ for the benefit of sales reps unfamiliar with the risks associated with high voltage, heights, confined areas and other particular safety measures that need consideration during a survey.


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Financial Analysis

In order to justify selling a ‘Full Service’ maintenance program, a financial analysis and review of the results with your prospect should be performed prior to estimating or preparing a proposal. Contractor Support System provides you with the methods required to obtain financial information from a prospect.


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The Service Estimator database is designed to reduce the probability of inconsistent pricing of maintenance proposals and projects, and it automatically prepares your proposals. For more information on Service Estimator Pro click here.


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Proposal Types

Contractor Support System markets five types of maintenance proposals:



Total Service Protection

Full labor, parts & materials  


Total Lifetime Protection

Full labor, parts & materials (including non-maintainable)


Programmed Maintenance PLUS 

Full labor, NO parts or materials


Programmed Maintenance

PM labor & mtce materials ONLY  


Building Systems Analysis

Verify System Operational Integrity


The specific coverage for each of these types of proposals is found in the terms and conditions of the agreement document.


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Terms & Conditions

We cover the terms and conditions of the agreement documents during Sales Initial Training.  It is important for a sales rep to understand the liabilities and limitations of the contractor as well as the obligations of the customer.


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Proposal Preparation

Proposals are automatically prepared in the Service Estimator. However, you have the ability to edit the document prior to printing. You can also add proposal templates that you design. See Service


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Proposal Presentation

How you present your proposal depends on the complexity of the agreement. During Sales Initial Training we will review the various ways to deliver a proposal as well as conducting a formal presentation.


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Closing Skills

There is nothing more important than knowing how to… ‘Ask for the order’. Closing skills are constantly refined as your skill level improves. Contractor Support System covers closing techniques during Sales Initial Training.


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Selling Situation Scenarios

Parts of the Maintenance Sales Review & Pre-training Manual include selling situation scenarios that are helpful in practicing your presentations. You come to expect certain situations when they occur. The success or failure of a sales call is based on how well you are prepared.


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Role Playing

Not only is role-playing performed during Sales Initial Training, it is encouraged as part of the preparation of your presentation to a customer. Use objective critics such as managers, peers or other sales associates to review your presentation before you go to the appointment. Be ready to close!


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The Importance of the Selling Cycle

Strategic Sales Plan

Shows Each Course of Action

Structured Management Tool

Prepares for the Closing Event

Effectively Nets Results





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